Use Cases

Learn of various ways to make the most out of the Adjutor API service
The Adjutor APIs are designed primarily with lenders in mind, however, organizations that would like to onboard non-fraudulent users to the platform would also benefit from our API service. By integrating Adjútor into your workflows, you would be able to use them in the following ways to bring assurance to your business;


Our validation APIs allow you confirm certain details that your customers have provided. Using the validation APIs would allow you to confirm the authenticity of the customers you have on your platform. Below are use cases for our various validation APIs
BVN image match
Bank account verification
Karma lookup
Ecosystem lookup
Confirm the identities of your customers by comparing their profile image against the image from their Bank Verification Number (BVN). Filter through potential fraudsters who may be impersonating others by implementing the BVN image match check.
Verify the account information your customers submit by running name enquiry checks on the accounts and verifying the validity of these accounts.


You can also take this a step further by cross referencing the BVN linked to the account number against the BVN submitted by customer if you collect such information.
Prevent customers who have been blacklisted for committing fraud or defaulting on loans across the FinTech space from onboarding on your platform. Run Karma checks using their email, phone number, BVN etc. to protect your business from potential bad actors.
If user count is important to your business, you can allow these users (potential bad actors) onboard but prevent them from performing key actions like take loans, perform transactions by running Karma checks before these actions can be performed.

What's Karma?

Karma is one of the largest blacklists of chronic defaulters and fraudsters within the Nigerian credit space. Using identifiers for the user such as email, phone number, BVN, etc., you can call the endpoint to confirm the existence of such information within the database.
Adjútor allows you to access our rapidly growing ecosystem of users (accumulated over time) which you can tap into to know more about their past performance with other lenders. Generate rich insights on a customer's credit history on the Lendsqr ecosystem with the Ecosystem API.


Our decisioning APIs will are geared to helping you make well-informed credit decisions using our decision engine. At the moment, you can generate credit scores using the Oraculi ScoringAPIs
Oraculi scoring
Our service helps lenders to develop/finetune a scoring model (a range of metrics to determine the creditworthiness of a person or business).
Your scoring model is based on the RAC parameters that you have defined and set aside for your loan products. Assign scores to the various field options your customers can provide and get a cumulative score which can help you decide if the customer is creditworthy or not.
Lendsqr offers a proprietary scoring model that you can make use of provided that you collect the same details as is in the module.

Credit Bureaus

The Credit Bureaus APIs are extensions of our partnerships with CRC Credit Bureau and Credit Registry Credit Bureau. Two of the three credit bureaus in Nigeria. you also get the CRC API checks at a relatively cheaper
Credit History checks
Determine your customer's credit history before giving them a loan. Run checks using either the Broken link or Broken link APIs to determine if a customer has a history of defaulting on loans on several platforms or if they have a good credit standing.
If you want to be even more cautious, run checks with both APIs (in sequence for cost effectiveness) to ensure you get maximum coverage.