Launching the SDK on your app

How to get your app through Play Store after embedding the SDK

Once you have tested your app and accessed the APIs, it’s time to get into the Google Play Store. You will still need to get your app approved by Google. This is a special step necessary for any apps that require SMS and CALL LOGS permissions from the end user.

The approval process is not hard, but if you have never gotten one done before, you may want assistance from the Lendsqr Team. Since we have done this many times before, we can easily help you get through the approval process in a breeze.

Ensuring you have the right screen to inform the users

This is paramount due to the fact that Google requires extensive screen information to provide clear guidance for users.

Kindly note that you can access the template text for the screens here - Figma design. If you require guidance, please contact

Ensuring you have the right privacy policy

Before the Android app with the Oraculi SMS SDK is submitted, you need to update the privacy policy section on your website using this template - Template privacy policy

This is because Google requires organizations to publicly state why they are requesting and collecting certain data from users explicitly on their website

Recording a video of the entire user journey for the Google assessor to use

This is necessary because the Google assessor needs to look through the entire user journey to determine whether or not the permissions they classify as dangerous are indeed dangerous within the app.

Filling the dangerous permissions declarations

The READ_SMS and RECEIVE_SMS permission must be declared in the application. In addition, there are certain guidelines for getting them approved by Google, which is outlined below:

  • Text 1

  • Text 2

For guidance, please contact

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