Oraculi SMS SDK

Get insights from your Android customers with the mobile SDK using BVNs.


The Oraculi SMS SDK on Android mobile applications is Lendsqr's new improvement to provide effective insights into Android customers of lenders. With the Oraculi SMS SDK, you can spool bank SMS data directly from Android users' mobile devices so you can make an informed decision.


It’s important to understand the taxonomy of the Oraculi SDK.


When the Oraculi SDK collects data from an Android phone, it creates unique identifiers for the user and the phone. However, because the developer has been required to provide an identifier for the user upon the instantiation of the SDK, it would allow the identification of such users irrespective of the different devices they may use.

However, at the root of the entity identity are the unique identifiers (UUID) for that mobile device and the session that created the data.


Institutions define the companies, banks, or other unique stakeholders that have sent SMS or other information to an entity (or a user).


Transactions are the records of the activity of a user or an entity with an institution. It could be an SMS alert representing a financial transaction or a balance alert from a telco.

For both a bank institution, a credit/debit statement is a measure of funds moving in and out of an account.

The Mobile SDK service is currently in beta and is not yet available for the public. However, if you wish to opt-in for this service and want to learn more, kindly contact us via api@lendsqr.com

You can also take a sneak peek at the beta API documentation to learn more.

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