Data API for Lendsqr lenders

Get insight into the data you have generated over time on Lendsqr


Lenders’ customers generate a lot of data that are important outside of the Lendsqr ecosystem. For example, lenders may want to use new customer information to drive drip marketing. Or they may want to use loan data to send customized reminders to borrowers.

Irrespective of what the lender wants, the Lendsqr platform allows lenders to use Adjutor APIs to get these data. There are almost infinite limits to the data a lender can get for their customers, transactions, audit activities, etc.

The Adjutor data layer provides the functionality using simple RESTful APIs.

It is important to note that at the moment this is only available upon request and to lenders within the Lendsqr ecosystem. If interested kindly contact

Common parameters for every data option

  • Getting individual data: Some endpoints allow you to get individual data instead of everything, which at times can be overwhelming. For example, you can get /data/users/:id.

  • Pagination: Every data endpoint supports pagination with the default being 100.

  • Filtering: Some data endpoints support filtering. The filters available would be provided in the description

  • Process time: Some data endpoints are not online in real-time as they are processed as part of our batch operations. These data options would have process time to show the time the data set was created

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